How To Cite A Essay

This article is going to chart how to cite an essay in the process of writing through following different citation methods according to the MLA style. Generally, there are three central methods of referencing to a source text mainly, quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing. These are sufficient methods that can be used to effectively cite an essay.

The writer of the essay is expected to incorporate quotations from the source text that should be relevant to the point and could fit into the current paper. The writer is expected to make appropriate modifications of the format of the quote. As an example of direct quote, one may cite the following:  Romantic poetry is marked by the “spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings” (Wordsworth 263). This in-text citation from the Wordsworthian poetry is followed by a parenthetical form that contains the author’s last name and the page number.

In the process of citation and the appropriate guidelines that should be strictly followed according to the MLA style sheet, one could mention the importance of paraphrasing as an effective tool when referring to an essay. Similar to direct quotes, the writer is expected to paraphrase key ideas and visions embedded in the source text in order to incorporate them in their paper. Such a process consists of citing the author’s name and the date of publication.

For example, if the writer’s name is mentioned throughout the paper, then, it must be associated with the publication year included in parentheses such as: in his study of the mechanism of power in modern society, Michael Foucault (1990) argued that power is constructing of the modern subject. Another rule that should be applied when the writer’s name is not part of the sentence is to enclose both author and publication date in parentheses after the paraphrased ideas. It is important that the paper contain a work-cited page that affords further details about what is cited in the essay. Acknowledging the source through the application of the in-text citation guidelines and rules is an essential act towards the crediting of an author.

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